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Saturday Night Theatre, BBC Radio 4. Ninety minutes. A contemporary thriller featuring a plane hijack at a fogbound airport. Produced by John Tydeman.

I'll always consider myself to have been blessed with the start I got in radio. Firstly for the tremendous amount of raw experience that I got re-inventing the wheel with a bunch of friends on the commercial side, and then for the solid professionalism I encountered at the BBC. Novice though I was, I found myself being treated with respect by the likes of John Tydeman, Bernard Krichefski and Richard Imison, and I did my best to repay their interest. The varied work I went on to do with Martin Jenkins was real wing-spreading stuff. Back then - and it's not so long ago - radio drama was the nearest thing Britain had to a National Writing School. Now I fear that role's been taken over by the soaps… much to the detriment of our entire culture.