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BUGS Season Three

BLAZE OF GLORY (Carnival/BBC) - 1997

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Opening episode of the third season (for details of seasons one and two, see below). Guest starring Lesley Ash.

Craig McLachlan was planning to leave the show in this season and I was given the job of writing him out and introducing his replacement. BLAZE OF GLORY was designed both to give him a spectacular exit and to set up an emotional reverberation that would set the tone for the rest of the series…

THE REVENGE EFFECT (Carnival/BBC) - 1997

Conclusion of Blaze of Glory.

…but then at the last minute Craig decided that he'd stay on. So Ed survived.

RENEGADES (Carnival/BBC) - 1997

Concluding the Cyberax story, as former Bureau of Weapons head Roland Blatty rises from his coma to become a walking vehicle for the manufactured intelligence. Can the Bugs team prevent him from reassembling the four parts of the Cyberax program?

BUGS Season Two

ASSASSINS, INC (Carnival/BBC) - 1995

The author's debut episode for the BBC's ground-breaking Saturday-night family show, basically fantasy adventures with a high-tech, near-future gloss. Assassins, Inc was directed by Ken Grieve.

I never thought I'd get asked to write more than one, so I threw everything I could think of into this one story. Then when they asked me for more, I had to try to match the pace of it. The Bugs shows weren't deep but they were great fun to write and make, probably the closest I'll ever get to working on one of those old Republic Saturday-matinee serials. I wound up writing ten out of the first thirty shows, spread over three seasons. I was co-consultant along with Brian Clemens on seasons two and three, but I wasn't involved with season four at all.

The series starred Jaye Griffiths, Jesse Birdsall and Craig McClachlan.


Beckett, Ros and Ed tackle a couple of embittered would-be yuppies who missed the boom years of the 'eighties and hatch a scheme to tap into international banking transfers with the help of a second-hand Russian submarine.

STEALTH (Carnival/BBC) - 1995

A driverless nuclear-powered vehicle heads back toward its base with a bomb on board, following a homing program that can't be disrupted. Features Sarita and Davina, a pair of untrustworthy femmes fatale.

PULSE (Carnival/BBC) - 1995

Introduces Jean Daniel (Gareth Marks), the Bugs team's recurring nemesis, a bazooka-toting ex-Legionnaire with an inclination toward world domination.