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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Warriors Gate and Beyond, again

    Here’s the cover for July’s Target volume. It will comprise the restored text of the Warriors Gate novelisation (previously exclusive to audio), the continuing story of Romana and Laszlo in The Kairos Ring (first time in print), concluding with a new piece The Little Book of Fate. More on the background to the project in […]

  • Remembering Charles Foster

    Classy and approachable, it was actor, theatre director and TV continuity anchor Charles Foster who kickstarted my career. When I joined Granada in 1975 he was already one of the station’s defining voices and within a couple of years, as the Presentation Department moved to in-vision links and local news, he became one of the […]

  • Warriors’ Gate and Beyond

    None of this was supposed to happen; it was a two-season gig nearly four decades ago, on a show that didn’t get a lot of love from the organisation that was making it. On the other hand, the show was DoctorWho. So here we are. For someone who’s never gone back and banged on the […]

  • The Boy Who Rode in Supercar

    When I blogged about Network’s launch of their Blu Ray boxed set of remastered Supercar episodes, I mentioned a childhood memory of a scaled-up, ‘life sized’ vehicle making an appearance at a curtain call of ITV’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium. At the end of the weekly variety show all the acts would stand […]

  • The Babylon Run

    The standalone, retro-styled edition of The Babylon Run is now available to order. The guide price of 9.99 is driven by the print cost; it’s hard to find a printer who’ll handle low quantities of the old pocketbook format, once the standard, now rarely seen. And let’s face it, this was always going to be […]

  • Dying of Paradise: the Trilogy

    Ok, it’s out. Some of—most of—my very earliest published work, brought to closure after four decades during which I was off doing other things. I’ve given the background elsewhere, and for a long time I didn’t even consider bringing the material back to light. Not least because, for much of that time, the technology that […]

  • From Single Play to TV Today

    Through the 60s and into the 70s, the single play was regarded as apex TV. Though I was mainly a series-addicted kid I did see a few of them, my most vivid of those early memories being of the first broadcast of Cathy Come Home. Back then there were just the three channels and you […]

  • Anatomy in the UK

    My thanks to Mark Lynch for spotting that Blackwells currently offer the lowest UK price on Comparative Anatomy and include free delivery. It’s not cheap but at 566 pages it’s a lot of book. Spooks, strangeness, mysteries, and a bit of heartbreak. I recommend it as the perfect Christmas gift. But then I would, wouldn’t […]

  • Some Stuff About Writing, Part Three

    You have written a considerable number of short stories, some of which have been published as collections (‘Out of His Mind’, ‘Plots and Misadventures’) (and now ‘Comparative Anatomy’). What are your thoughts about the differences between writing short stories and novels? Have any of your short stories been developed further (in any media)? Short stories […]

  • Some Stuff About Writing, Part Two

    Getting back to your novels, and thinking about your early work, where did the inspiration come from for books such as ‘Chimera’, ‘Oktober’, ‘Rain’ and ‘The Boat House’? I can answer for definite with Chimera because that came from a passage in Vance Packard’s book The People Shapers, where he quoted a Rand Corporation study […]