Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: autobiography

  • The Movies, Mr Fairbanks, and Me

    Looking back, 1977 was a key year for me. I didn’t rocket to fame, I didn’t take British culture by storm – though I’m sure those were the dreams I was having at the time. What I did in ’77 was to stage a play with a local amateur company (a talented bunch who deserved […]

  • Bernice Summerfield Did My Headshots

    Seriously. Lisa Bowerman – aka Doctor Who‘s Bernice Summerfield – is a talented portrait photographer, specialising in actors’ headshots. You’ll find numerous examples of her work in the Spotlight directory of performers. She works with traditional film negative and natural light, moving to digital for delivery. Photo credit: Lisa Bowerman Okay, so Pitt and Clooney […]

  • My Start

    It’s only looking back that I realise how fortuitous my career timing was. With just one spec Saturday Night Theatre script it was like I stepped into radio’s National Theatre. My very first producer (on The Humane Solution) was the legendary John Tydeman, who’d pretty much launched the careers of Joe Orton and Tom Stoppard. […]

  • On Method

    For anyone fascinated by process, and I know I’m not alone, here’s an example from Derren Brown’s blog in which he records, with staged photographs, the evolution of a painted portrait. It has a relevance to writing that I’ll explain in a moment. For those from outside these shores who may not be familiar with […]

  • Pipe Bursts

    True story. The late ’70s weren’t exactly the biplane-and-barnstorming days of television technology, although looking back from today it can sometimes seem like it. In Granada TV’s Presentation Department we ran traffic control on live feeds both from network and our own studios, analog VT from two-inch tape, and an array of telecine machines that […]

  • In Sickness and in Stealth

    Back in 1984 I travelled through Finland and Russia to research the book that would eventually become The Boat House. I say eventually because it was a far from easy road. Not the travelling, that was an adventure that I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Helsinki, Joensuu, Savonlinna, the towns of Western Karelia… then onto […]

  • Rewind

    When I gave up the day job back in August 1980, we took half of the advance money from Chimera and set off for the US with the intention of stretching it out as far as we could and staying until it was gone. We travelled coast to coast and spent the main part of […]

  • My Own First Film…

    …was on Standard 8mm and held together with sticky tape. As a logistical exercise it had a certain magnificence, for which I can take no credit at all. As a piece of filmmaking it’s barely watchable, which is entirely down to me. But as a formative experience… priceless. It was August 1974. Three of us […]

  • ‘Cause People Say We Monkee Around

    In the Comments section, Piers Beckley wrote of his old electronic typewriter: “I loved it, because it meant I didn’t have to tippex or retype when I miskeyed… Finally got rid of it a couple of years ago after I realised I hadn’t plugged it in for more than a decade and was never going […]

  • The Way the Future Is

    I still like a book. I haven’t been won over to e-reading yet but I’ve no doubt the day will come when I will, just as I retired my typewriter, my super 8 movie camera, and my Olympus stills camera when it became self-evident that I was sticking with them for the wrong reasons. Stay […]