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  • Separated at Birth?

    I was organising the pictures on my hard drive, and here’s a conjunction of images that got a smile out of me: Clearly there’s some common DNA in all my protagonists. On the left we’ve got Rufus Sewell as Eleventh Hour‘s Jacob Hood, on the right is Stephen Tompkinson as Jim Harper in my Oktober […]

  • Strange Days Indeed

    Well this has been one of the weirdest weeks ever. But I mean that in a good way. If you’ve been following the blog you’ll be aware that I have my name on a couple of shows airing on US network TV right now. I think I may have let it slip out once or […]

  • Eleventh Hour USA

    The show debuts tonight on CBS in the slot right after CSI, and I’m holding my breath, crossing my fingers, and wishing ’em luck. I talked about the show concept, and influences, and the whole issue of adapted formats, in an interview with Tom Green for the Writers’ Guild newsletter a few weeks ago. Tom […]

  • A Word from the Showrunners

    I hope he’ll forgive me for such a shameless piece of recycling, but I wanted to give more prominence to this addition by Eleventh Hour showrunner Ethan Reiff to the comments section of the previous post. There’s a reference here to an earlier entry titled The Brimstone Boys in which I wrote: The latest coverage […]

  • Eleventh Hour USA

    Don Kaplan writes in The New York Post: JUST when TV networks are shopping for new shows at the budget store, CBS has made a $30-million bet on a new series that sounds like “The X-Files” but looks like “CSI.” “Eleventh Hour,” which will debut in October, is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer – the […]

  • Eleventh Hour USA

    I was encouraged to hear that Eleventh Hour Executive Producer Cyrus Voris told the Television Critics Association last week that “We’re trying very hard to ground our show in the real world. There was a CBS press release that described the show as ‘five minutes in the future.’ I don’t even know if it’s even […]

  • Eleventh Hour USA

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reuters, and other sources, Planet Terror‘s Marley Shelton is the latest addition to the Eleventh Hour lineup. Marley Shelton has been tapped as the female lead opposite Rufus Sewell in Jerry Bruckheimer’s new CBS drama “Eleventh Hour.” The project, based on the limited British sci-fi series, centers on Jacob Hood […]

  • Teddy Alexander

    Most of what follows is from an afterword that I wrote to accompany a short story titled Modus Operandi; I got the story from a childhood memory, and writing it triggered a few more of them.My childhood home was a terraced house in Monton, just outside Manchester. Each street was a row of brick houses, […]

  • Second Variety (2)

    Right now I can’t do much more than pass along what’s appearing in the trades – here’s an extract from the fullest piece I’ve seen so far, in The Hollywood Reporter. There’s also an expanded version of the Variety coverage now online. Reuters, Hollywood News and Movieweb all carry versions of the story, none of […]

  • Second Variety

    Well, it’s out now. Here’s the stop-press email from Variety.com: Following a fierce bidding war, CBS has beat out ABC for the rights to a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced adaptation of Brit thriller Eleventh Hour. Eye has committed to at least a pilot, with a hefty seven-figure penalty attached if the Warner Bros/Granada project – which remains […]