Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: Carnival

  • Saturday Event

    On Saturday I’m giving a talk-with-clips about my TV career at the Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street in Manchester, and as the day gets closer I’m growing convinced that no one is going to turn up. If you’ve an events diary or similar feature and might be interested in giving it a mention, feel free […]

  • Panning and Scanning

    I was channel-hopping last night and came upon a comparative rarity; one of the digital channels, could have been ITV2, was showing a modern movie in 4X3 format, the almost-square ‘Academy’ ratio that was phased out in the cinema about 40 years ago and in TV at the beginning of this century. Like a Chav […]

  • Let’s All Recycle

    My first toe-in-the-blogosphere was this guest post for Danny Stack’s Scriptwriting in the UK. Here it is again: I am nothing if not frugal. Danny has kindly invited me to contribute a guest post, but has concluded his invitation with that most generous of terms, “anything on any subject that you care to discuss”. If […]

  • BUGS

    I had a note this morning from Dave Young, architect of my website, to let me know that Play.com are offering all four seasons of the mid-90s action thriller series BUGS at £7.99 a pop in their New Year Sale. (I mention the website business not because it’s relevant, but because it’s cheaper to hand […]