Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: Chimera

  • Magic and Memorabilia

    Along with Chris Moore I headed down the motorway to Memorabilia last weekend. There I met up with Good Dog, and we had our first decent chat since a fleeting hello at the NFT’s South Bank Chimera event. I urged him to get blogging again. Which is slightly ironic, considering my own long periods of […]

  • Chimera for Sale – Sold!

    A note via the website from Stefan – who says he recalls being scared witless by Chimera, as well he might since he was nine years old at the time – sent me to check out this item at movie collectables and memorabilia dealer The Prop Store. Here’s the text, to save you from squinting: […]

  • Science and Sensation

    I love this. Under the headline, Experts Warn Over Humanising Apes, the Associated Press has put out a lengthy science piece which has been picked up by, among others, The Independent – in fact it’s being reprinted everywhere, from Pravda to The York Advertiser. It begins Action is needed now to prevent nightmarish “Planet Of […]

  • Saturday Event

    On Saturday I’m giving a talk-with-clips about my TV career at the Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street in Manchester, and as the day gets closer I’m growing convinced that no one is going to turn up. If you’ve an events diary or similar feature and might be interested in giving it a mention, feel free […]

  • Process and Procedure

    Which ought to be the title of Jane Austen’s unpublished crime novel… It’s the network pitching season in LA, and I just got back after an intense week with results that I should be able to tell you about sometime soon. After nine hours plus of breathing buggy plane air on the way home, I […]

  • Radio Daze

    I’ve had a heads-up to say that BBC Radio 7 will be airing my 90-minute adaptation of Chimera in two slots this coming Sunday (August 22nd) and again the following day… click here for the scheduled times, if that appeals to you. And, tying in with my Quiller post below, I notice that all this […]

  • Bitch-slapped Bimbos and Silent Engineers (2)

    Monday’s Chimera screening had a satisfying turnout and the evening ran smoothly, with great atmosphere. There was an audience flyer which included the entirety of a long Time Out review from 1991 that I hadn’t seen before (Fliss Coombes and Naomi Phillipson, handling publicity for Zenith and Anglia respectively, had sent me all the cuttings […]

  • Bitch-slapped Bimbos and Silent Engineers

    Read on and all will be explained. After a fashion. I promise. But first a reminder that this coming Monday (July 5th, 2010) they’re screening all four episodes of Chimera at the BFI Southbank, formerly the National Film Theatre, followed by a Q&A with director Lawrence Gordon Clark and me. The same day also sees […]

  • Chimera at the BFI

    Here’s some news… on Monday July 5th as part of the Future Human season, my 1990 miniseries Chimera is getting a screening at the BFI South Bank. A while back I was asked if I’d say a few words before it, but that’s now expanded to become a Q&A with me and director Lawrence Gordon […]

  • Evolution of an Idea

    I’ve been organising my files and came across this short piece that I wrote about Eleventh Hour for some purpose or other. With Chimera‘s impending DVD appearance (news on those features soon, I promise) I thought I’d put it out here. It offers a kind of join-the-dots demonstration of how my thinking went over the […]