Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: comics

  • Saturday Event

    On Saturday I’m giving a talk-with-clips about my TV career at the Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street in Manchester, and as the day gets closer I’m growing convinced that no one is going to turn up. If you’ve an events diary or similar feature and might be interested in giving it a mention, feel free […]

  • Bryan Talbot, Fantasycon GoH

    It’s thanks to my old friend Bryan Talbot that I could legitimately put ‘model’ on my CV, if I were so inclined… back when he was living in Preston and creating The Tale of One Bad Rat, Bryan pressed my entire family into service to help with the photoreference for some of the frames. That’s […]

  • Green Lantern

    YouTube carries more than one fan mashup trailer for a nonexistent live-action Green Lantern film using reprocessed clips from existing blockbusters. This one craftily blends in shots of Nathan Fillion in the Hal Jordan role. Great casting idea. The Fillion Green Lantern is a movie that I’d happily pay money to see. For the moment […]

  • HELLBLAZER: Joyride

    From Vertigo this month: A major new era in the Hellblazer saga begins as John Constantine gets back in the trenchcoat, and starts to put his life back together. Of course, things never go that smoothly, as a harrowing trip to Newcastle and near-drowning at the hands of a brutal gangster leads John to a […]