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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Everyone’s a Critic

    Okay, first up, here’s the deal; the eBook versions of both Down River and Oktober are relaunching with new covers by Paul Drummond, and I’ve 20 review copies of each to give away. In return I ask you to add your review to the Oktober and Down River pages on Amazon.com. Use the contact page […]

  • Revisiting Robinson

    In a message via the contact page, Nancy wrote: My family and I have really enjoyed watching the Crusoe series but wish we knew how the story would have ended. Do you have any ideas how you would have reunited Robinson and Susannah? Well I do, and I did, although in series TV drama it’s […]

  • Crusoe in Kent

    I’m grateful to Scott Andrews for the news that the many of the sets, props and weapons created by Production Designer Jonathan Lee for Crusoe have been shipped from South Africa to the UK. The sets have been reconstructed as an adventure play attraction at Groombridge Place near Tunbridge Wells (these images are Jonathan’s concept […]

  • Crusoe Region 2

    This one sneaked by without my hearing about it… the full season is now available on a Region 2 3-disc set, presumably replicating the content of the Region 1 release. Which will mean no DVD extras, which is a pity. NBC had a behind-the-scenes crew covering just about every aspect of the show’s making, and […]

  • Daniel Defoe

    Channel Five have been running Crusoe episodes every day throughout the holidays. Despite any initial reservations, now that I’ve seen how they play I think it’s been a good piece of scheduling. The show makes good, old-fashioned holiday fare. The first hour of my 2-part finale went out today… one regret I have is that […]

  • Scripts Online

    Over at his Complications Ensue blog, Alex Epstein provides a handy link to a site called Pilot School where downloadable scripts for a host of pilot shows can be found. I don’t know where they’re sourced from, but they include one of my drafts for the British pilot of Eleventh Hour along with Mick Davis’s […]

  • On the set of Crusoe

    The Crusoe Region 1 boxed set is now officially out, with the first torrented rips preceding it online like pageboys scattering rose petals ahead of the bride. But really, save your bandwidth and your blank discs; at $19.99 from Amazon piracy really isn’t worth the trouble, even when you add international postage. It’s also available […]

  • Crusoe on DVD

    Amazon.com have announced that Crusoe: The Complete Series is available for Region 1 pre-order ahead of its release date on May 5th, 2009. I haven’t been involved with the DVD in any way, so I can’t tell you anything about it other than what you’ll find there. I don’t know how accurate some of the […]

  • The Return

    This Saturday, January 31st, 8.00pm on NBC; the second and concluding part of the Crusoe season finale. No, that’s not him on the slab. As far as I know there are no plans for a second season. I understand there’s some debate over whether Crusoe is a cancelled show or a completed miniseries. Miniseries is […]

  • The Traveler

    Well, that’s how those Americans spell it… 8.00pm, Saturday, January 24th on NBC… the first hour of my two-part Crusoe season finale, in which our backstory and main story come together and I can promise you answers to all the questions raised in the Sam Neill/Jeremiah Blackthorn subplot. No, of course you won’t find them […]