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Stephen Gallagher

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  • My Year

    Well, every other blogger seems to be doing it… but I’ll keep mine short because, frankly, it’s been one of those years where you can’t run through the best of it without the risk of sounding like a total arse. Let’s just say I’ve had a lot to be grateful for. But to put that […]

  • Crusoe Slash

    I suppose it had to happen…

  • Crusoe and The Doctor

    I have no idea what brought this about. But it’s neatly done and kind of beguiling. Play it again. You know you want to.

  • Robin Romps

    I’m still catching up, or I’d have pulled this post together before now… last Friday saw the broadcast of Andy Rattenbury’s Crusoe episode The Mutineers and this week it’s the show I’ve known all year as ‘hour five’, aka High Water by yer own James Moran. (The ‘hour five’ business, for a show that goes […]

  • Strange Days Indeed

    Well this has been one of the weirdest weeks ever. But I mean that in a good way. If you’ve been following the blog you’ll be aware that I have my name on a couple of shows airing on US network TV right now. I think I may have let it slip out once or […]

  • Behind the Scenes

    I was aware that NBC had a crew on the set when we were filming our UK sequences in and around York, and then I heard from Jonathan Lee that they were covering the South Africa shoot as well. Here’s some of what they saw: Jonathan – seen there in the clip – is the […]

  • NBC Crusoe Promotion

    If you’ve been watching NBC’s Olympics coverage, you’ll probably have seen this already; it’s the Crusoe promo they’ve been playing throughout. Or you can go to NBC’s own site for a bigger image, but there you have to sit through an ad first. But hey, this is showbusiness. Simon just added this to the Comments […]

  • Crusoe – the trailer

    This trailer’s just been posted as part of the new Crusoe page at NBC.com:

  • Crusoe Cast

    I said I wouldn’t be leaking any Crusoe insider info on this blog and I’ve pretty much limited myself to passing on what’s already out there; this stuff also appears on NBC’s own website so I reckon I’m safe. Photo shows Anna Walton and Philip Winchester. Friday is played by the brilliant Tongayi Chirisa, whose […]

  • Neill, Bean, Crusoe

    Today’s Guardian has some accurate catch-up info on Crusoe casting: “Sam Neill and Sean Bean are to feature in a big-budget production of the Robinson Crusoe story being made by a UK independent producer for US network NBC. Crusoe is to be played by Philip Winchester, who featured in the 2004 movie remake of Thunderbirds, […]