Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

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  • CBS Fall Schedule

    It’s just been confirmed that Eleventh Hour will air in the post-CSI slot on Thursdays at 10pm in CBS’s Fall schedule. In the words of one of the people who passed me the info, “This is huge”. It had already been tagged as “the biggest television deal ever made during development season” – which, if […]

  • Crusoe Casting

    The Hollywood Reporter‘s telling everyone, so it’s safe for me to say that we have our leads. Crusoe will be played by Montana-born, LAMDA-trained British citizen Philip Winchester. Susannah Crusoe is played by Anna Walton, fresh from Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 2. Yeah, I know that in The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Defoe doesn’t […]

  • Friday Night Crusoe

    Forwarded to me by Avrum Jacobson: At its first of several upfront presentations to advertisers today at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York, NBC outlined its 2008-2009 season based on a 52-week schedule. The network will introduce the 52-week lineup this fall with a slate of new original programs and continually add other new originals […]

  • Interview

    I’ve been away on Crusoe business – two good days with the incoming writers followed by three equally productive days scouting locations for the UK scenes – and I find on my return that the WGGB site now carries the interview that Tom Green conducted with me back in January. (No word of Crusoe in […]

  • Crusoe

    A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a new gig that promised to keep me busy through the summer, but I was coy about naming it because it was far from certain. And I’ve avoided mentioning it since because my deal was being worked out and my ‘take’ had yet to win the approval […]

  • New Gig

    When people ask me whether I prefer working on novels or screenplays, I tend to give the same answer. Whichever I’m working on at any given time, I always yearn for the other. Novel writing is all brooding and solitude, which I kind of like. Screenwriting on a ‘go’ project is all deadlines and pressure […]