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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Everyone’s a Critic

    Okay, first up, here’s the deal; the eBook versions of both Down River and Oktober are relaunching with new covers by Paul Drummond, and I’ve 20 review copies of each to give away. In return I ask you to add your review to the Oktober and Down River pages on Amazon.com. Use the contact page […]

  • New to Kindle

    Two more of my backlist titles are now available in eBook form. Full info on each title soon, but for the moment here are the new cover designs by Paul Drummond. On The Boat House: “Gallagher handles the balance between mundane reality and stomach-turning horror with reassurance and offers a nicely twisted ending to boot. […]

  • Valley of Lights

    It’s going great, but the 99c introductory Kindle price on Valley of Lights ends on April 20th. After that, it’s back to the full price. Valley was my ‘breakthrough book’ and is still available in print, in a Telos Classics edition incorporating notes, an interview, and a bonus story. But you can click here to […]

  • Daily Cheap Reads

    If you own any kind of an eBook reading device, this is a site that you probably need to know about. Daily Cheap Reads has been running for a while in the US and has now opened a dedicated British outlet. The point here is that there’s nothing bargain-basement about the cheap reads. Bargains yes; […]

  • The Top Suspense Group

    Exciting stuff – I’ve been invited to join the bunch of fellow-writers who have founded the groundbreaking Top Suspense Group. It’s an online resource for readers in the fast-expanding eBook market. To mark my debut with the gang I’m launching the Kindle version of my novel Valley of Lights at the rock-bottom Amazon price of […]

  • The Good Old Stuff

    The header comes from the great John D McDonald’s title for a collection of his pulp writing, energetic, reader-centred fiction of which he was particularly proud, and it seemed like an appropriate way to introduce this guest post from Lee Goldberg. I’ve met Lee in person, so I can testify that there’s only one of […]

  • The Box

    New to the Kindle and priced as low as they’ll let me, an e-book containing two pieces of my short fiction that appear in neither of my collections. The Box is the story of a haunted aircrash simulator and of war heroes in peacetime retraining. Eels is… well, the title alone should give you some […]

  • After Gutenberg…

    I was thinking about writing a blog post on my trickiest-ever script assignment, and was scrolling through the news section of my old website trying to locate a particular item when I came across this review of The Painted Bride from The Washington Times. The Painted Bride (Subterranean Press, $40, 181 pages) is veteran thriller-writer […]

  • Christmas, and a plug for my Kindle stuff

    I reckon I must have had a happy childhood because most of my Christmas gifts seem to recall it in one way or another. I’m kinda shameless in the hints I drop but at least it makes me easy to buy for. How else could anyone know that my old Corgi Batmobile needed a nice […]

  • Coding Your Book for the Kindle

    With more detail and clarity than I can offer you, Paul Drummond has added a page to his own website in which he lays out the process of setting up a manuscript for e-publication to a professional standard. “Each chapter was copied from the original Word document, converted to HTML and added to the .ePub […]