Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

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  • The Good Old Stuff

    The header comes from the great John D McDonald’s title for a collection of his pulp writing, energetic, reader-centred fiction of which he was particularly proud, and it seemed like an appropriate way to introduce this guest post from Lee Goldberg. I’ve met Lee in person, so I can testify that there’s only one of […]

  • Origin

    I’ve been waiting for a hook on which to hang a mention of Danny Stack’s slick, thoughtful and entertaining short-film debut, and it now arises in the form of screenings at Jersey’s Branchage Film Festival on September 26th and at London’s Raindance Festival on October 7th. Danny’s Scriptwriting in the UK blog has been a […]

  • Squawk Like A Pirate

    I’ve got mixed feelings about the jail terms and fines passed by the Swedish courts on the operators of the Pirate Bay filesharing setup. I’d have more sympathy over the sentencing if the guys in question weren’t such clanging assholes. Piracy is, by its very definition, a parasitic act, and the successful parasite is the […]

  • Life in Transit

    Chapter 9 of David Mace’s unfolding online story is now up and available. “So,” said Dr Catenary, “there we are.” There, indeed, they were. He swivelled from whiteboard to class. “Now we get down to the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts, the perspiration and even a hint of inspiration. Or rather…” His head turned […]

  • Life in Transit

    The first people to find Transit found it by mistake. They got lost in the fog and, literally, stumbled inside. For centuries the only way in and out – the only known way – was on foot. As time went by the feet doing the finding included mule train hoofs, camel hoofs and, allegedly, elephants. […]