Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: short stories

  • Paranoia and the Legacy of PKD

    The Gary Sinise movie based on Philip K Dick’s Impostor was a waste of the premise, but one of my earliest and most vivid TV memories is of a 1962 adaptation in ABC’s Out of this World anthology series (that’s the British ABC, the one that produced The Avengers, not the US network). (That’s the […]

  • Ed Gorman, Dickens, Stale Popcorn, and Frescoes

    I see that Ed Gorman’s short story collection Noir 13 is up for a 2011 Spinetingler Award. With all due respect to the other nominees I hope it picks up a ton of votes and wins. My first encounter with Ed was as the editor of Mystery Scene magazine. Later I had a story picked […]

  • The Top Suspense Anthology

    I’ve been allocated twenty-five Advance Reading Copies of the Top Suspense anthology to give away, in the e-format of your choice. All you need to do is agree to post a no-spoilers review, positive or negative, on your blog, website, Goodreads page, Facebook page, or the Amazon listing for TOP SUSPENSE in the next 60 […]

  • The Box

    New to the Kindle and priced as low as they’ll let me, an e-book containing two pieces of my short fiction that appear in neither of my collections. The Box is the story of a haunted aircrash simulator and of war heroes in peacetime retraining. Eels is… well, the title alone should give you some […]

  • Christmas, and a plug for my Kindle stuff

    I reckon I must have had a happy childhood because most of my Christmas gifts seem to recall it in one way or another. I’m kinda shameless in the hints I drop but at least it makes me easy to buy for. How else could anyone know that my old Corgi Batmobile needed a nice […]

  • Of Candles and Darkness

    Anybody remember the great Splatterpunk vs Quiet Horror debate? If not, consider yourself forgiven. It was a small storm in a small teacup, but we got a fair few convention panels out of it. At its best, splatterpunk was Clive Barker; at its worst, it was everybody who tried to write like Barker but lacked […]

  • Coding Your Book for the Kindle

    With more detail and clarity than I can offer you, Paul Drummond has added a page to his own website in which he lays out the process of setting up a manuscript for e-publication to a professional standard. “Each chapter was copied from the original Word document, converted to HTML and added to the .ePub […]

  • Noir and Back Again

    I just heard that two of my favourite publishers will be combining forces to put out a double volume of early Lawrence Block novels sometime early next year. I suppose that Subterranean Press and Hard Case Crime can both fairly be described as ‘niche’ publishers, but not in any pejorative sense; in an era when […]

  • Scares on the Shelf

    Twice the Terror is a second collection of material from The Horror Zine, Jeani Rector’s Sacramento-based webzine of dark-themed fiction, art and poetry. The previous print collection, And Now the Nightmare Begins, featured a range of contributors, from the newly-launched to the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, and Joe R Lansdale. I have to […]

  • PS Publishing Summer Sale

    Pete Crowther is currently applying a walloping 60% discount to almost all of his back catalogue titles, which means that the hardcover editions of White Bizango and Out of his Mind can be had for ten quid (or sixteen dollars) each. The indie presses often have to price their titles on the high side to […]