Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: television

  • Crude, but Effective

    Every little community has its in-jokes, and each community has its bottom-of-the-pecking order geek who catches on late and then fails to realise when everyone else has moved on. In the world of Doctor Who – which has become a big world again, due to the success of the TV series’ revival – the fast-track […]

  • Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn

    I can’t remember when I last walked into a bookshop and paid full price for a book. Well, I can, because it was this afternoon. Before that, I mean. This afternoon I was in London with a train journey ahead of me and nothing to read on it. The Tube strike was in full swing, […]

  • The Count of Monte Cristo

    I just watched the 6-hour Gerard Depardieu version of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO over four nights, and I think I maybe found some useful lessons there. The special power of the story lies in the way that Edmond Dantes remakes himself as a machine for vengeance and then reappears to engage with his enemies, […]

  • Freebies – at a Price

    The price being that you have to go out and buy a copy of The Daily Express. I’ve just learned that this week’s running Express DVD giveaway is the complete set of Charles Edwards MURDER ROOMS films, along with Ian Richardson’s two outings in the role of Sherlock Holmes. Well, in purely selfish terms it […]

  • Future Proof

    It’s not quite as bad as the days when companies were destroying assets to save themselves tape and space, but a certain short-termism still dogs the business. Richard Mitchell, who composes music for film and TV, told me, “A dubbing mixer recently explained that the UK TV industry has dug itself a hole which the […]

  • Ian Richardson

    “An actor of astonishing power and magisterial presence on stage and screen; away from it, a humble, engaging, and truly likeable person. For any writer, it was an honour just to hear him speak one’s words.” Lines that I wrote for my website on hearing of the actor’s unexpected death earlier this year, and I […]

  • Because we’re all out of Piano Players

    Did you hear the story about the British director Mike Figgis? He arrived at Los Angeles airport on his way to take up a TV job for Fox/Sony. When asked the purpose of his visit, he supposedly said, “I’m here to shoot a pilot.” As the story goes, it then took him five hours to […]

  • Spoilers? Really?

    The networks seem pretty sanguine about the online appearance of the two opening episodes of DEXTER’s second season along with the pilots for several as-yet unaired series, leading some people to speculate that they were let out on purpose. Next season, why not go for it for real? Get a sponsor to underwrite the show […]