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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Science and Sensation

    I love this. Under the headline, Experts Warn Over Humanising Apes, the Associated Press has put out a lengthy science piece which has been picked up by, among others, The Independent – in fact it’s being reprinted everywhere, from Pravda to The York Advertiser. It begins Action is needed now to prevent nightmarish “Planet Of […]

  • Saturday Event

    On Saturday I’m giving a talk-with-clips about my TV career at the Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street in Manchester, and as the day gets closer I’m growing convinced that no one is going to turn up. If you’ve an events diary or similar feature and might be interested in giving it a mention, feel free […]

  • Paranoia and the Legacy of PKD

    The Gary Sinise movie based on Philip K Dick’s Impostor was a waste of the premise, but one of my earliest and most vivid TV memories is of a 1962 adaptation in ABC’s Out of this World anthology series (that’s the British ABC, the one that produced The Avengers, not the US network). (That’s the […]

  • The Killing 2

    No spoilers, but thanks to a friend with connections I’ve been getting a sneak preview of Forbrydelsen II and it (probably wisely) doesn’t attempt to replicate the first season’s slow-burning emotional drive. It’s more of a mystery thriller, revolving around a deeply-buried secret in the recent past of a Danish military unit. Imagine if Michael […]

  • ‘king Crimson

    I’ve been catching up with The Crimson Petal and the White and it’s an encouraging reminder of BBC2’s much better days, though I’m uneasy at the BBC’s current operating assumption that the only acceptable historical drama involves shagging or lesbians. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily watch either, but the feeling’s like that of reading […]

  • Who Loves Ya

    To quote The Fast Show, this week I has mostly been watching Doctor Who. I hadn’t seen the show in at least a couple of years and, frankly, I took one look at Matt Smith in pre-publicity and thought WTF? He’s twelve! and so wasn’t too encouraged to visit again. The enthusiasm of friends did […]

  • The Killing

    The Seattle-set US version of Danish superdrama The Killing begins its run on Sunday. I’m tempted to go overboard and say that the original is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV, ever. But then I’d start to sound like one of those people who go on and on about The Wire. And […]

  • TV, SF

    On her Twitter account, independent script editor and Script Angel blogger Hayley McKenzie wrote, “When I think ‘sci-fi’ I think action-adventure, but the trailers for Outcasts made it look earnest and ponderous.” I hadn’t seen Outcasts or even the trailer at that point, so I couldn’t comment on her impression (here’s Good Dog‘s take on […]

  • Chiller

    Thanks to friend-of-the-blog Stan for the news that Network DVD will release the complete Chiller anthology series on February 28th. Produced and in part directed by Lawrence Gordon Clark, we kicked off the series with an adaptation of Peter James’ Prophecy and pulled in, as I recall, somewhere in excess of 11 million viewers. A […]

  • Adding a Character

    Searching through some old emails I came across this one, written as part of the to-and-fro when I was finally freed up to be able to contribute to the US version of Eleventh Hour. Just as I started pitching the story that was to become the episode titled Subway, CBS came up with the idea […]