Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: The Boat House

  • New Work, and Some Old Places

    I’m thinking of going to the Gene Autry Western museum in Griffith Park this weekend. See if there’s anything that helps my ideas for the new book. (That’s the new new book; the new book, a big historical in the same vein as The Kingdom of Bones and from the same Random House imprint, is […]

  • Memories of Water

    One of the bonuses of BAFTA membership is that you get sent copies of trade publications during the runup to the awards season. Oscar (R) follows BAFTA, which means that the studios can cover both sets of voters with the same ad campaigns. Imagine the upward direction of my eyebrows when I opened The Hollywood […]

  • The Boat House

    Here’s the publisher’s original flap copy for the novel: a longer piece on the story is coming right up. When Alina first appears in Three Oaks Bay it’s clear that her frail, luminous beauty is going to cause some ripples on the quiet surface of the peaceful resort town. For Pete McCarthy, the local boat-repairer […]