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Stephen Gallagher

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  • The Forgotten

    ABC have scheduled the two unshown episodes of The Forgotten for back-to-back broadcast on the evening of Saturday, July 3rd. They’re called Designer Jane and Living Doe. I was off the show and in development on another project when the news of cancellation came through, but I saw how the episode order was rejigged so […]

  • Back in LA

    Last night’s wrap party was great. I knew so many people there that I always had someone to talk to, unlike those vast BBC affairs where you just keep circulating because you don’t want to stand on your own looking like a tool. There were loads of people I didn’t know, as well, and some […]

  • Patient John

    This kind of explains itself… every couple of weeks the Writers’ Guild e-bulletin compiles a list called What Members Are Getting Up To and every time I get up to something, I forget to tell anyone until it’s too late. The Forgotten Season 1 Episode 11 Patient John – Press Release A MAN’S MONEY-MAKING WAY […]

  • What I Learned in 2009

    It’s been in my mind to write a long post along the lines of “what I learned in 2009”, but until I can set some time aside to think-through and process the whole experience of relocating from one country’s industry to work in another, it’ll have to wait. It would be simplistic to say that […]

  • All Change

    Fun and games here. I’ve seen the director’s cut of my new episode and feel good reason to be happy. Danny Cannon stopped by the office this morning to say nice things about it. It’s set to air in January; last I heard was the 12th, but that can change. It’s been part of my […]

  • On the Set

    It’s always pleasant to work on a set where visits by family members are welcomed. It makes for a nice atmosphere. On Friday, the father of our cameraman Eric Roizman came in to watch some filming and meet his son’s co-workers. I got to lend him my chair in the video village. If you’re wondering […]

  • Best Clearance Note Ever

    From the memo detailing the legal clearances on names, brand names and any other identifiable object involved in my current script:

  • The Forgotten

    Just a quick heads-up – tonight’s story is one of mine: The team investigates the killing of a John Doe found buried at a popular vacation destination; a stray dog standing vigil over the grave is the only clue in the case. On ABC, right after Dancing with the Stars.

  • On the Lot (2)

    I spent yesterday as writer-on-the-set for filming of my bylined episode of The Forgotten. A lot of time is spent in the writers’ room swapping ideas and working up stories, but every now and again you have to shut the door and write one. And that’s as much insider leakage as I’m prepared to offer… […]

  • The Forgotten

    We have a promo online, though I’m told that for the moment it won’t play outside the US; if anyone comes across a live international link, please let me know. The Forgotten – Series Premiere Promoby SeriesNet UPDATE: With thanks to Hoppy Uniatz, I’ve replaced the link with one that should play worldwide. The previous […]