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  • Thy Kingdom’s Coming

    I got a present at Fantasycon last weekend; the Ebury publicity team had brought along an advance copy of the UK paperback of The Kingdom of Bones, and handed it to me at the launch of Random House’s new Del Rey imprint. It is cool. The cover is by Headdesign, who provided art for the […]

  • Fiction Reboot

    A couple of weeks ago I answered a few interview questions from novelist/academic researcher/teacher Brandy Schillace, and the results are now online. I spouted stuff like: “Through my teens I read classic science fiction and ’60s British thriller writers. Then I had the advantage of a very solid three years of education in English Literature […]

  • Bones and Bedlam

    Happy to report that The Kingdom of Bones will be published in the UK by Ebury Press in November, with The Bedlam Detective following early next year. More news on this, like covers’n’stuff, when I have it. I met with Gillian Green and Hannah Robinson yesterday and I have to say, it’s an exciting development. […]

  • And so to Bedlam

    No, I don’t plan to quote every review I get – not least because it’s asking for trouble and an inevitable eventual slap from someone somewhere – but thanks to Pamela O’Sullivan for making my weekend with this contribution to The Library Journal. Gallagher, Stephen. The Bedlam Detective. Crown Pub. Group. Feb. 2012. c.320p. ISBN […]

  • Everyone’s a Critic

    Okay, first up, here’s the deal; the eBook versions of both Down River and Oktober are relaunching with new covers by Paul Drummond, and I’ve 20 review copies of each to give away. In return I ask you to add your review to the Oktober and Down River pages on Amazon.com. Use the contact page […]

  • The Bedlam Detective

    New book coming. If you were waiting, sorry to have made you wait so long. Issues mostly beyond my control. (This isn’t it, by the way. This is the Italian paperback of The Kingdom of Bones, which just came in.)The Bedlam Detective picks up Sebastian Becker’s story in 1912, one year after the conclusion of […]

  • The Suicide Hour

    The dust is finally settling after internal restructuring at Random House – I expect you can read about that somewhere else – so with thanks to those who’ve gone out of their way to ask, I can tell you that The Suicide Hour is back on track. I received a copy of the edited manuscript […]

  • Culture Vultures and Slender Pickings

    There are many advantages to living outside London as I do, but there are drawbacks too. If you want all that cosmopolitan stuff, you have to be there in the cosmopolis. Or whatever you call it. Most of the time it’s no big deal. I’ve got green fields, a dog and a big-screen TV, and […]

  • KoB in the NYT

    The Kingdom of Bones gets the following nod in the New York Times Book Review: Gallagher conjures a perfect demon to symbolise the industrial era of the turn of the 20th Century in England and America in a book that “shows the occult mystery in its best light”, Marilyn Stasio said in the Book Review. […]

  • Free Story Download – IN GETHSEMANE

    As promised, I’m offering my story In Gethsemane as a free PDF download to tie in with the paperback launch of The Kingdom of Bones in September. Set in the aftermath of the Great War, it follows the pairing of stage magician Will Goulston and spiritualist Frederick Kelly as they tour the lecture halls of […]