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Stephen Gallagher

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  • At Last, The Babylon Run

    Both The Babylon Run and the omnibus edition combining all three novels of the Dying of Paradise trilogy are now at the proofing stage. Editing these early novels for reissue was a weird experience. A collaboration with a familiar stranger, one who’s fully immersed in and committed to the kind of stuff I don’t do […]

  • Rosemary & Thyme, Redacted

    When Nick Elliot stepped down as Controller of ITV Drama in 2005, Director of Television Simon Shaps and new Drama Controller Laura Mackie announced the cancellation of a number of the channel’s successful shows in a kind of ‘image makeover’ favouring youth and ‘edginess’. Foyle’s War was one of the casualties, and Rosemary and Thyme […]

  • Comparative Anatomy: Update

    The printer finally delivered copies in September after a two month delay, and orders began shipping from Subterranean straight away; Amazon took a week or two to catch up but are now showing stock and taking orders with free delivery from the US to UK customers. Weighing in at 568 pages, with cover art by […]

  • On Writing Fiction

    (This is taken from a piece originally written as an introduction to Ed Gorman’s Cage of Night, for PS Publishing) There’s a type of writing which I grew up loving, which made me want to be a writer myself, and which for a while I thought was gone forever. I’m talking about spare, intelligent commercial […]

  • The Book Shepherd

    There’s a relatively young website named Shepherd.com that aims to help readers navigate to new discoveries. They invite authors to give capsule reviews of books that have shaped or impressed them, and which in some way mirror their own themes. It’s not so much a platform for self-promotion—you get to mention one title of your […]

  • Sideshow Gothic

    Sideshows, circuses, freak shows, end-of-the-pier attractions… there’s something universally fascinating in the tawdry magic of what I think of as Sideshow Gothic. Maybe because, as children, we perceive it all as a little bit dangerous and not entirely wholesome. Like moths to a flame, we’re drawn to flirt with it then and throughout our adult […]

  • Retro Corner

    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first persuade to re-release the stuff they wrote when they were twenty-three. This is about as niche as it gets, aimed at those people who sometimes get in touch to say that they remember listening to the SF serials on Independent Radio that kicked off my career back […]

  • Comparative Anatomy Publication Date

    …is being pushed a number of weeks due to delivery issues at the printer. I’ll post more when I have detailed information. Subterranean tell me that the same issues are affecting all the titles they have out for printing with the three companies that they use. In the meantime you can stoke your anticipation here. […]

  • Website Relaunch: A Promotion

    Unless you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll have noticed that the website’s undergone a serious overhaul. It had been needing it for some time but it was seeing Katherine Lam‘s eerie woodland image that kicked me into gear; it so nailed the emotional nuance I’d sought to put into Nightmare, with Angel that I […]

  • Comparative Anatomy: for preorder

    Comparative Anatomy: for preorder

    With an introduction by Stephen Volk “Magic always stops at midnight,” says the doomed narrator in the title story of Stephen Gallagher’s career-spanning collection, Comparative Anatomy, but while that may be true, the reader will find no end to the magic in these thirty astonishing tales by one of Britain’s most distinguished writers. From the inimitable […]