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Stephen Gallagher

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  • Dennis Hopper

    I just heard on the radio that Dennis Hopper died at his Venice home this morning, of complications relating to prostate cancer. Not too long ago, I was working on a project where the producer was pursuing him for a major role. To be honest, the part and the actor weren’t a fit, and Hopper […]

  • Grandville

    Here’s a glimpse of Bryan Talbot’s new project:

  • Old FX Men Never Die

    I just read this on the website for Keswick’s newly-opened attraction, The Bond Museum. It’s a sister museum to The Cars of the Stars, Peter Nelson’s collection of movie action vehicles. “The jetpack in our museum was assembled for the major Paris Bond exhibition and using some of the original bits from the late Bert […]

  • John Brunner

    I met British SF great John Brunner in his later years – liked him, but could understand his reputation for a certain spikiness and hauteur. He’d come up to Preston to address our local SF group and when the pub closed we all went back to Bryan Talbot’s house, where John was staying. I was […]

  • La Roue

    I just heard that Abel Gance’s monumental La Roue is to be released on DVD May 8th. La Roue was Gance’s major project before his five-and-a-half hour Napoleon. It’s an epic Zola-esque love triangle set against the iron and steam imagery of the French railways. I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I read […]

  • Disney

    There’s a story of a Disney staff party which included a screening of an in-house short in which featured Mickey and Minnie getting raunchy. Walt Disney stood up afterwards, expressed appreciation, praised the quality of the work, and asked who was responsible for it. The two animators put their hands up and he fired them […]

  • Is it just me?

    A theatre not too far from where I live – it would be mean of me to name it – sends out a quarterly newsletter which includes a regular ad for pre-show dining at a nearby restaurant. The ad always includes this proud image: Now, I know there’s an art to photographing food in a […]

  • Soundscapes and Wide Screens

    In a Blog post responding to Lost, In Transition, Carlo C draws attention to something that I hadn’t been aware of before; that in the Lost soundtrack, in addition to the forest whispers sometimes heard by the characters, there’s also ‘hidden audio’ that carries a certain amount of story freight. Or maybe the illusion of […]

  • The Second-Marriage Wedding Present on the Other Side of the World

    One of my closest friends lives in New Orleans. We’ve managed to get together no more than half a dozen times in the thirty years since we met, but that’s how some friendships can be. First we kept in touch with long letters, the occasional phone call, and the the annual exchange of bizarre Christmas […]

  • The Christmas of Bones

    And Season’s Greetings to all.