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  • The Sentinel Case

    …is the original title of my second Eleventh Hour story for the 2006 ITV series that starred Patrick Stewart and Ashley Jensen. I’ve decided to add the script to my small library of downloadable PDFs because… well… Rather than a coronavirus, the story concerns an outbreak of hemorrhagic smallpox. It was partly inspired by the…

  • Donald Roy 1930-2020

    Sad to hear that Donald Roy, founding head of Hull University’s Drama Department, has died in Brighton at the age of 90. I was a Drama and English joint honours student in the mid-70s and  so many of the good things in my own life can be tracked back to that special time with that…

  • Tales of Dark Fantasy 3

    Advance review from Publishers Weekly; book launches August 2020, available for preorder now in both a trade hardcover and a limited edition signed by all the contributors.

  • Coming Soon from The Brooligan Press

  • BAFTA omission (2)

    That post from earlier this month, the one of me and the crew on the boat… I found a few screen grabs from the film we were making. It was called Trick Shot. An over-ambitious mini-feature but my first crack at directing, made towards the end of my time working at Granada. It wasn’t a…

  • An Englishman Abroad

    …or, Fool, Interrupted. The appearance online of an interview prompts me to a long-overdue blog post about one of the highlights of my 2019. The interview’s further down this post and, be warned, I do go on a bit. It was filmed by Magnus Edgarsson on the deck of a floating hotel on the Fyris…

  • BAFTA omission

  • World Fantasy Convention, Salt Lake City 2020


  • Spartans vs Dinosaurs

    Spartans. Dinosaurs. Seriously, what’s not to like?

  • Upcoming Events

    August 31st – at the end of this month – you should be able to find me in Derby for Whooverville, the Annual East Midlands get-together organised by Derby’s local Doctor Who group. The event will be held at the QUAD arts venue at Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby. DE1 3AS. The impressive list of…