Hauling Like A Brooligan

Stephen Gallagher

Category: radio

  • The Bedlam Detective

    New book coming. If you were waiting, sorry to have made you wait so long. Issues mostly beyond my control. (This isn’t it, by the way. This is the Italian paperback of The Kingdom of Bones, which just came in.)The Bedlam Detective picks up Sebastian Becker’s story in 1912, one year after the conclusion of […]

  • My Start

    It’s only looking back that I realise how fortuitous my career timing was. With just one spec Saturday Night Theatre script it was like I stepped into radio’s National Theatre. My very first producer (on The Humane Solution) was the legendary John Tydeman, who’d pretty much launched the careers of Joe Orton and Tom Stoppard. […]

  • Radio Daze

    I’ve had a heads-up to say that BBC Radio 7 will be airing my 90-minute adaptation of Chimera in two slots this coming Sunday (August 22nd) and again the following day… click here for the scheduled times, if that appeals to you. And, tying in with my Quiller post below, I notice that all this […]

  • Johnny Hollywood Explains It All

    Last year I gave an e-mail interview to a journalist preparing an article for a US magazine. Turned out to be one of those pieces where a dozen of you oblige and the writer cherrypicks a quote or two from each. I never saw the piece so I’ve no idea of what may have been […]

  • Anthony Minghella

    I turned on the radio for the lunchtime news a few minutes ago, and was dismayed to hear the announcement of the death of Anthony Minghella at the age of 54. I swore out loud, and scared the dog. Anthony and I were fellow students in Hull University’s Drama Department, back in the mid-seventies. I’m […]